About Me

The Art of Looking Good Laura Lee Hair Makeup Artist My resume boasts photo, film, video and event gigs. However, my true calling is the person in my chair. I’ve clocked over 40,000 client-hours sharing backstage magic to bring out their best – for workplace environs, presentations and social media photos.

I’m an artist and an educator with a master’s degree. My life’s passion found me when I started styling hair as a way to pay for college.

I opened my first salon Rocky Mountain Lady and aligned with Redken Laboratories, Inc. Simultaneously, I apprenticed under Lyn Moeskau, a renowned fashion illustrator and makeup artist.

My Inspiration

The Art of Looking Good

From the moment I embraced my passion, fashion spun freer and more daring from Twiggy to Cher to Madonna to Lady Gaga. I’m still hooked on the possibilities.

As I work with clients, I marvel at the perfectness of each set of bones, and how natural skin pigments suggest perfect color combos.

All of us deserve to look fab – bone structure and skin pigments contain design clues for hair, makeup and wardrobe.

Authentic images happen when we tap our inner artist, see realness reflected in the mirror…

My Vision

My Vision

I envision each of us truly loving our hairstyles, cosmetic choices and every item in our closets.

Clients of all ages and stages pose the same questions:

  • How should I arch my brows?
  • What is my face shape?
  • What colors are best for me?
  • How do I dress for my body type?

My answer remains the same also:

  • “Let’s see what your bones say.”

After some years, I sold my salon in Boulder, finished grad school and wrote The Art of Looking Good – an entire book of possibilities.

~Laura Lee Fry

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